Cayman Automotive Leasing, Marketing, & Sales, Ltd. is a fully Licensed Automotive Broker Company. We have the ability to sell any new or certified pre-owned vehicle manufactured in the U.S. now featuring a wide variety of all electric vehicles as well. We strive to be competitive and create goals that will benefit the communtiy. Our business model is unique and the first of it's kind in the Caribbean. We will continue to bring the community the latest in electric vehicle (EV) technology and proven service available, while provide a level of customer satisfaction that exceeds ones expectations.

Cayman Automotive introduced the Caribbean's first electric vehicles in 2009 and have since rapidly added other vehicles from companies such as Wheego, Tazzari, AMP, Think City, Mitsubishi and GEM by Polaris. Cayman Automotive has partnered with Smith Electric Vehicles to introduce the Caribbean's first 100% electric commercial fleet trucks and vans. Cayman Automotive has most recently partnered with ZEV Electric to introduce the world's longest range production motor scooters and motorcycles to the region. All of these vehicles share many of the same features as gasoline powered vehicles and can in some cases exceed it's counterparts in the top speed category. With a range of 40-300 miles on a single charge, the savings from the pump is a clear solution for the world's problem of fuel consumption.

To accommodate the needs of Grand Cayman's ever growing ownership of electric vehicles, Cayman Automotive was instrumental in providing the network of charging stations that will handle your needs from West Bay to East End. To take advantage of the sun's abundance of renewable energy, Cayman Automotive introduced the first solar panel charging stations in the Caribbean. We also have two authorized service centers in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac to handle the service needs of our customers on the sister Islands. We are still the only local dealer that personally delivers any new or certified pre-owned vehicle to our customers on these islands.

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