Cayman Automotive Introduces Electric Vehicles
to Cuba!
Cayman Automotive Supports Guyana Green Energy Initiative: Nissan Vehicle to be Delivered to Guyana Embassy in Cuba. read press release

Electric Vehicles and Tesla Ascendant

Electric Car Takes Up Postal Duties

Cuba Joins the EV World
After half of century of bitter acrimony, relations between Cuba and the United States have finally begun to thaw. read

GreenTech Automotive Partners with Cayman Automotive as First Electric Vehicle Dealer in the Caribbean.
read press release

Electric cars  set for Cuba Trade Show,export.
John Felder project to supply Cuba with its first electric vehicles has taken another step forward as he readies his product for the annual Havana Trade Show in October. read

Cayman Automotive becomes authorized dealer of electric recreational motor company Star EV. read


John Felder gears up to change the motor vehicle landscape in Cuba by introducing the country to 100% 
electric vehicles. 
see video

The culmination of a four year journey, Premier Automotive Export Ltd., 
a subsidiary of Cayman Automotive, has just received the first export license approved to ship automobiles to Cuba from the USA. This is the first license 
to be granted since the US-Cuba Embargo began on February 7th, 1962.

​Felder to export electric cars to Cuba

Read the article from Cayman Compass on John Felder and his ability 
to now make the electric vehicle part of Cuba's automotive landscape. read 

Watch as the Nissan Leaf, the first American manufactured vehicles in Cuba, makes it's way from the Ambassador's residence after the launch event by the NBC camera crew. 

Click here for more video and photos from this event!
Miami electric car dealer sees opportunity in Cuban gas shortage  read

4/21/17 | Reuters
Endeavour Magazine 
features Cayman Automotive 
as John Felder discusses 
the success of his 
pioneering company.  


6/11/17 | Endeavour Magazine
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